Is it always like this?

Discussion in 'USAA general discussion' started by anonymous, Oct 26, 2016.

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    I have been a USAA customer for several years now. Previously I "enjoyed" a series of pretty horrific customer service experiences with multiple major banks. Given that my expectations were calibrated accordingly, every single time I contact USAA I am shocked, shocked, that I get somebody that is both friendly and that actually knows how to address my problem (which they always do quickly and on the first try).

    Can you please clone yourselves and teach the rest of American business how customers should be treated? I realize everybody has bad days, and I am sure USAA has their war stories of customer interactions that did not go well, but somebody sure is trying. Please don't change.
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    I don't work there, but my guess is that they treat their employees right and that is one part of why they offer good customer service. Often the way the bank treats their employees signals to the employees how they should treat customers.

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